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What’s your GDPR strategy?

internal DPO☒eSmart DPO✅

Passionate about data protection for your company and partners.

Impact Report

Analyzing risks, requirements and recommend measures to prevent personal data loss.

GDPR Consultation

Analyzing potential data loss risks and consultation for the GDPR Authority requests.

Employee Training

Specialized GDPR training and testing sessions for company’s employees.

Prevent Digital Data Loss

IT Infrastructure Safety

Study Cases Based Training

Teaches From the Authority

Online and Offline Marketing

Website & Local Audit

For 3rd party contracts

GDPR Business Consultation

Choose Your External DPO

Contact us and learn more about the services we offer and asses the positive impact on your business.

Website Policies

Creating personalised policies for your digital activities imrpoving the safety for your personal data bases.

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GDPR Platform

Exclusive access to eSmart GDPR, your online externalized DPO – Data Protection Officer and direct contact with us.

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Impact Report

Benefit from a detailed impact assessment related to the IT analysis which together are the subject of the GDPR mandatory Impact Report.

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Employees Training

Specialized GDPR training sessions for your employees ensuring that your personal data is properly managed.

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Our team

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Simona A.

GDPR Auditor

Diana T.

GDPR Oficer

Bogdan A.

GDPR Oficer

UAIC Romania – Euro Smart DPO Partnership


The platform allows access on a subscription basis to any institution / private company / data protection officer in the EU.

By joining eSmart DPO we will become your External DPO and provide access to prebuilt GDPR specific documents.

Direct access to our team of experts building together  department specific accords and consents unique pending on your business profile.

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